Academia Méndez Núñez

Demonstrate your level of English with a certificate that’s accepted everywhere. Having the First certificate of English (FCE) or B2 is now a requirement for many jobs.

With this certificate you can apply for jobs at bilingual schools, and work in the health sector in most countries. You’ll have good enough English to be able to work in tourism and other jobs that require communication with international visitors. It’s increasingly important in engineering too.

There are various opportunities to take the B2 exam in Seville throughout the year.

Get your B2 certificate in English

We open new groups at various stages throughout the year in our academy. We have classes in the morning and afternoon, and you can attend either in person or online. Each class is 2 hours and there are two classes a week.

If you sign up to our course, you’ll also receive detailed information about how to register for the exam, or we can register for you as we’re an authorised preparation centre for the Cambridge exams. We’ll also give you instructions so that everything goes smoothly on the day of the exam.

We offer classes for Cambridge, Trinity and Aptis exams. We’re an authorised exam centre for the Trinity exam and an authorised preparation centre for the Cambridge exams.

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