Academia Méndez Núñez

At Méndez Núñez Teaching Academy we have extensive experience teaching the subjects that are covered in secondary school and sixth form.

You can find us and our qualified and motivated teachers in the very centre of Seville. We will help you to channel your efforts, clear up your doubts and strengthen your knowledge of the subjects that you most struggle with.

In our classes, which are online and in person, you will go over everything you learn at school, and do extra exercises to clarify the more complicated subjects, with the support and encouragement of our staff.

Support classes for secondary school and sixth form

Support classes throughout the academic year that follow the curriculum taught in secondary schools. Recuperation classes in the summer for students that are going to do the exams in September and need to brush up on some subjects.

We have a teaching team that oversees student’s progress, monitors attendance and reports back on everything related to evaluations.

Our academy remains open at Easter, Feria and Christmas and we offer study rooms at this time to help the students clear up any doubts they have.

You can count on us if you need support classes. Call us to find out more information, we’ll be pleased to help you.

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