Pass the entrance test for high grade vocational training

If you’re thinking of going back to or expanding your academic education, vocational training could be a good option for you, especially as many of the courses are a gateway into the labour market.

There’s a wide range of modules to choose from for Higher Grade so you’re sure to find something of interest to you. This highly practical training is increasingly effective in helping young people find work.

Electronics, graphic design, information technology, radiotherapy and mechanics to name a few, whichever area you choose, at Méndez Núñez Academy we have teachers and classes for all the subjects you need so you can pass the entrance test and do your higher grade vocational training.

Our course runs through the academic year and you can attend either in person or online.
Our preparation classes to pass the Higher Grade Vocational Training entrance test start in October and continue until April.

You can make the most of Christmas, Easter and Feria to study using the Study Room sessions our academy provides.

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