Academia Méndez Núñez

In the summer classes, a complete review of the subject is carried out, taking into account the student’s starting level and their objective. 

This course includes July and August, but there is the possibility of attending only one of the two months, and even, if you are going to miss only a fortnight, we deduct it from the total monthly payment. You can also attend our online classes from anywhere, as we teach them both face-to-face and online.

Parents or guardians will have access to our platform to consult schedules, evaluation reports, absences, etc., and be informed of everything related to the academy.

 It is advisable to book the place in advance and thus avoid scheduling problems. If the course is not finally taken, we will refund the entire amount without problems. 

The timetables are drawn up so that the student does not have gaps or, in such a case, that these are minimal; since we always try to adapt to the particular needs of each student.

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