Academia Méndez Núñez

With C1 English, also known as ‘advanced’ level, you’ll be able to communicate and express yourself with ease in social, academic and professional situations. This level will provide you with complete self-reliance in any country where English is spoken.

There are various opportunities to take the C1 exam in Seville throughout the year.

We offer classes for Cambridge, Trinity and Aptis exams both in person and online. We’re an authorised exam
centre for the Trinity exam and an authorised preparation centre for the Cambridge exams.

By taking our C1 English course, you’ll be able to understand long texts and recognise implicit meaning. You’ll also be able to express ideas fluently and spontaneously in social, academic and professional settings and produce clear, well-structured, detailed writings on complex topics.

This is an 8-month course that runs from October until May. Each class is 2 hours and there are two classes a week.

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