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At Méndez Núñez Academy we’re proud to say we’ve helped over fifteen thousand students get onto the university degree of their dreams.

We’ve been offering courses to prepare students for these university entrance exams for over 25 years.

As our intensive course is in high demand, we recommend you reserve a place in advance so as to avoid potential problems with timetables and waiting lists.

Intensive University Entrance Exams course – June

The time between school finishing and the university entrance exams starting is prime study time. By studying with us at this time, you’ll be able to maintain your study rhythm and take advantage of our expert support to help you consolidate your knowledge in the subjects that you’re most worried about.

The intensive course starts on the 20th of May and finishes on the 3th of June and is taught both in person and online.In the June course, we teach each subject for one hour every day (from Monday to Saturday) and with the option of classes in the morning or afternoon.

If, when it comes to it, the student can’t do this course as they didn’t pass sixth form, we refund the reservation fee.

Intensive University Entrance Exams course – July

The July course begins on the 17th of June and finishes on the 1th of July. We have classes every morning from Monday to Saturday and dedicate one hour per day to each subject.

The students should come from the first day, even if they still have some exams to do, as this provides them with an extra week of classes which is then reflected in their marks.

If the student finds out they haven’t passed the sixth form resit exams, we’ll refund the money paid, even if the student has started the course.

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