If you come from a country outside of the European Union that doesn’t have an agreement with Spain for the recognition of studies, you need to request a recognition of what you’ve previously studied to show that what you have is the equivalent of Spanish sixth form.

If you want to study at a Spanish university, you need to do the Spanish university entrance exam (Selectividad).

We are approved by UNED to prepare students for their exams. At Méndez Núñez Academy, we offer courses to help you to prepare for these exams and we help you get the student visa too.


Course to pass the University Entrance test for non-Spanish nationals

We’re aware that there are a wide range of students with different needs and requirements that are interested in this course. Consequently, all of our teaching groups are small and we always offer personalised teacher attention.

We start a new course every academic year to prepare non-native students for the University Entrance Exams. It runs from October until the end of May. All our classes can be attended either in person or online, this way students can start studying with us from their home countries and then join the in person classes at a later date, should they so wish.

We also offer an intensive Spanish course to ensure you have the necessary level for the exam if you don’t already have it. If you don’t need to study Spanish, you could study B1 or B2 English or French.

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We also help you to discover Seville with trips, guided tours and activities in and around the city. Remember that you can obtain permanent residency after studying in Spain.

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