Academia Méndez Núñez

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At Méndez Núñez teaching academy we’re professionals who have been helping people achieve their academic goals in the city of Seville for over 20 years. Méndez Núñez Academy first opened its doors in the centre of Seville in 1999. Since then, the combination of our highly-skilled team of teaching staff, well-equipped facilities and the motivational force of everyone in the academy have proved successful year after year.

Secondary school and sixth form, vocational training and university students can all find academic support at competitive prices at our educational centre.

In our academy, Méndez Núñez, you have all the support classes you need. Secondary school, Sixth Form, university entrance exams, public exams, vocational training entrance exams. On top of this, we offer A2, B1, B2 and C1 language courses in English, French and Spanish with the classes taught entirely in the language you’re learning. Practise your pronunciation with our teachers whilst following the official course structure.

Small group sizes allow us to provide our students with personalised care. Over 15,000 students in and around Seville have trusted us over the years.

At our centre you’ll find a first class, top quality educational service. We provide classes to students all across the province of Seville and a great part of Andalucia too, given that our classes are taught both in person and online.

Our current services include:

– Support classes for secondary school and sixth form students.

– Classes to prepare for the entrance test to do Middle and High Grade Vocational Training.

– Courses to prepare for the university entrance exams (Selectividad).

– Classes to prepare for the university entrance exam for over 25s.

– Classes for non-native students to get into university in Spain.

– Courses to help you to get the language level you want in English, French or Spanish.

– Classes to prepare you for the public exams to work as an Administrative Assistant for the local council in Andalucia.

– Clases para preparar las oposiciones de Magisterio.

– Preparación de oposiciones a Profesores de Secundaria.

Our vocation is to prepare our students for entry into the increasingly competitive and demanding work market. It has been our goal since we started, and since then we’ve repeatedly demonstrated that it’s something we do well.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for classes to pass your exams, learn a new skill or even if you just need a little extra help at school. We’re here to help you achieve your academic goals!